Download | May 21, 2000

WebCAD 3.00

Source: RadVar
WebCAD is high performance pattern creation for weaving jacquard machines. WebCAD is specifically developed to produce the weaving machine designs. The design can be used to weave all kinds of textures for carpet, blanket, labels, curtains, towels etc. WebCAD is designed for those who need to have easiness of use and proper price without sacrificing the quality. WebCAD has shown to be one of the best in the field without obliging the user to be a power computer user. Most of the times you see that the software that is introduced by the manufacturers are complicated and very expensive. Their user interface is cumbersome and complicated, and more important, can not be modified to the user's demands. WebCAD is based on Windows 98® and Windows NT®, and supports all kinds of the shelf graphical software. All kinds of design instructions are embedded in it, and can be modified or accept the new add-ones to meet the users needs. WebCAD is modular, it means that when you do not need a module, you are not forced to pay for it. You will also receive the new upgrades free of charge. WebCAD accepts your design via standard graphical files or scanners, and after the retouch, it is ready to be woven by machines. All other tasks like, background textures edges and borders are calculated within seconds. WebCAD can interface with electronic jacquard machines such as Muller Frick® and other punch cards, and is able to be programmed for other standards.
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