Wet Processing Systems

Source: G.A. Braun, Inc.

Wet Processing Systems
The company's Dye-Extractors are available in both Open Pocket (OP) and multi-pocket Top/Side Loader (TSL) models.
The company's Dye-Extractors are available in both Open Pocket (OP) and multi-pocket Top/Side Loader (TSL) models. Each provides a high degree of precision, speed, economy and confidence. They also offer savings on time, water, energy, floor space and labor.

Every Dye-Extractor features:

  • Intelligence: The Braun Microprocessor controls all dyeing processes- cycle times, cylinder speeds, liquor ratios, water temp, dye and chemical injection, controlled temperature rate of rise and cool-down and extraction, and is completely self-diagnostic.
  • Economy: Low liquor dyeing saves water, chemicals and energy costs.
  • Innovation: The company's Center Shaft Injection system (CSI) allows dye liquor to be circulated from the heat exchanger through the center shaft of the cylinder as well as through normal injection ports, thereby achieving penetration of the goods from two directions simultaneously at the lowest possible cylinder speeds.Ease: Liquor ratio controls allow users to program and maintain specific ratio of mass of water to mass of goods- to ensure consistency of dyeing. Once a procedure is established, simply enter the weight of goods as basis for water injection calculation.
  • Effectiveness: Dye liquor is recirculated through the system at a rate of 225 gallons per minute on 100-, 200- and 300-pounds capacity machines, 450 gallons per minute on 400-, 600- and 800-pound capacity machines – to ensure level dyeing and successful penetration at low cylinder speeds. Optionally available on the Top/Side Loading Dye-Extractor is the Center Shaft Injection which recirculates dye liquor directly through the center shaft of the cylinder for dyeing at extremely low cylinder speeds. During recirculation, the filtration system removes lint and contaminants from the dye bath. The PenSurge feature enhances dye penetration and the distribution of goods by increasing and decreasing cylinder speed at programmable intervals during dyeing cycle.
  • Versatility: The Wet Processing Machines are available in a variety of cylinder configurations and sizes ranging from 100- to 800-pound capacities, and Scour-Bleach machines can be easily retrofitted with a heat exchanger/add system module at a later date to produce a complete Dye-Extractor. The machines are also available in low pressure models that accommodate dyeing up to 235°F.

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