Case Study

Case Study: Automaker Solves Color Discrepancy Issue With X-Rite Dynamic Numerical Analysis (xDNA)

Source: X-Rite, Inc.
The power of xDNA was never more apparent than when a major European automaker experienced difficulties on its production line when body panels painted at the factory using a popular silver metallic color suddenly didn't appear to match the bumper fascia supplied by an outside vendor. While there had been occasional small problems before that could be assigned to definite root causes, this time the differences in color and appearance where the body panels appeared darker than the bumper fascia was readily noticeable. Process engineers at the automaker applied traditional root cause analysis to the problem, first trying to identify whether the matching problem was internal process, changes in formulations by the paint supplier or parts that were out-of-specification from the bumper supplier. Individuals working on the line told the engineers of a sudden difference in how the parts matched, and their floor inspectors using an X-Rite MA68II said the instrument indicated there was a difference in its reflectance values. With the available data, the engineers reasoned that the root cause of the problem was due to paint formulation, and they asked for assistance from the paint supplier.