Product Showcase

  1. NetProfiler - Instrument Management Software
    Maintain the accuracy and consistency of measuring devices with a system that allows you to automatically test, measure, and profile your instruments over the internet.
  2. VeriColor® Spectro Mounting Stand
    VeriColor® Spectro Mounting Stand
  3. VeriColor Spectro Environmental Enclosure
    VeriColor Spectro Enviromental Enclosure
  4. MacBeth Lighting
    Macbeth Lighting solutions are recognized as the standard for visual color evaluations and specified by the leading brand owners for critical color decisions globally. Macbeth offers a selection of quality lighting solutions that incorporate the world's most accurate simulation of natural daylight.
  5. Color iScan Software
    Non-Contact Color Monitoring and Control Software
  6. Color Master - Color Formulation And Quality Assurance Software
    Color Formulation and Quality Assurance Software
  7. VeriColor Solo
    Take control of in-line color quality in assembly and sorting operations with this powerful automated color identification tool that provides noncontact color measurement and consistent reporting. Easy to set up, the system works on a wide range of materials and in the harshest production environments.
  8. Color iQC
    This job-oriented software solution removes the guesswork from evaluating colors. Its easy adaptability allows analysis of lab dips, production samples, finished goods — any type of color control option — at a user-specified rate that accommodates each operation's work flow. It is available in a choice of three levels for specific industry and color communication requirements.
  9. Color iMatch
    An intelligent solution for formulating paint, plastics, or textiles, this package enables quick, accurate color analysis and the capability to optimize every formula for cost and color accuracy. Available in four levels for specific formulation requirements.
  10. VeriColor Spectro - Non-Contact Color Spectrophotometer

    Improve quality control and reduce operating expense with this cost-efficient, in-line non-contact color measurement solution that provides absolute spectral and colorimetric data for process control.