Product Showcase

  1. Color Formulation Workshop
    This comprehensive four-day class begins with the “Fundamentals of Color and Appearance” and “ColorMaster™ Quality Assurance” training, plus two additional days focused on ColorMaster Formulation software.
  2. FOCA & ColorMaster QA Workshops
    This class includes the “Fundamentals of Color and Appearance” workshop, plus a second day focused on X-Rite instruments and X-Rite ColorMaster™ Quality Assurance software.
  3. Formulation-Master Software
    Formulation-Master has three levels to accommodate different customer needs and applications. This package provides high performance quality assurance and formulation all in one.
  4. 964 0°/45° Portable Spectrophotometer
    A 0/45 handheld spectrophotometer, with a special JOBS mode, designed to address a wide range of industry specific color needs, ensuring consistent color quality in the plant, laboratory, or field.
  5. Wireless Data Logger For Temperature And Humidity Monitoring
    Dickson D250 and D251 Wireless Data Loggers for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring offer flexibility in monitoring technology without any wiring constraints whatsoever and are ideal for textile managers seeking easy-to-use tools for better process control
  6. VeriColor System
    The VeriColor System is far more than an advanced sensor head, it’s a complete, easy-to-use system that’s equipped with new and improved windows based software
  7. OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear
    OG T1100 Series ‘Over the Glasses’ Safety Eyewear by North Safety Products features a large frame design that offers excellent coverage and protection over prescription eyewear.
  8. New Advanced Video Extensometer
    The new advanced video extensometer (AVE) uses a high-resolution digital camera and advanced real-time image processing to make precise strain measurements on material test samples
  9. Avery Dennison Printacher
    The Avery Dennison Printacher is the complete all-in-one printing/fastening system for Retail/Apparel businesses that need fast, efficient tagging of their garments.
  10. Avery Dennison Apparel Printed Label Systems
    Avery Dennison’s integrated and full line of apparel label systems allow you to print variable data on your labels — care labels, brand identification labels and integrated labels.