Product Showcase

  1. Color iQC
    This job-oriented software solution removes the guesswork from evaluating colors. Its easy adaptability allows analysis of lab dips, production samples, finished goods — any type of color control option — at a user-specified rate that accommodates each operation's work flow. It is available in a choice of three levels for specific industry and color communication requirements.
  2. Color iMatch
    An intelligent solution for formulating paint, plastics, or textiles, this package enables quick, accurate color analysis and the capability to optimize every formula for cost and color accuracy. Available in four levels for specific formulation requirements.
  3. VeriColor Spectro - Non-Contact Color Spectrophotometer

    Improve quality control and reduce operating expense with this cost-efficient, in-line non-contact color measurement solution that provides absolute spectral and colorimetric data for process control.

  4. Pneumatic Conveying Systems
    Vacuum Sequencing Systems for Bulk Material Handling
  5. Twin-Screw Micro-Ingredient Feeders
    The new K-Tron MT12 Microfeeder has been specially designed to provide maximum accuracy at minimal feedrates, which makes it ideal for use in the chemical and pharmaceutical processing industries. Unique design features ensure that high-value ingredients are fed accurately at rates as low as 20 g/hr with minimal residual material left in the feeders.
  6. Color Formulation Workshop
    This comprehensive four-day class begins with the “Fundamentals of Color and Appearance” and “ColorMaster™ Quality Assurance” training, plus two additional days focused on ColorMaster Formulation software.
  7. FOCA & ColorMaster QA Workshops
    This class includes the “Fundamentals of Color and Appearance” workshop, plus a second day focused on X-Rite instruments and X-Rite ColorMaster™ Quality Assurance software.
  8. Formulation-Master Software
    Formulation-Master has three levels to accommodate different customer needs and applications. This package provides high performance quality assurance and formulation all in one.
  9. 964 0°/45° Portable Spectrophotometer
    A 0/45 handheld spectrophotometer, with a special JOBS mode, designed to address a wide range of industry specific color needs, ensuring consistent color quality in the plant, laboratory, or field.
  10. Wireless Data Logger For Temperature And Humidity Monitoring
    Dickson D250 and D251 Wireless Data Loggers for Temperature and Humidity Monitoring offer flexibility in monitoring technology without any wiring constraints whatsoever and are ideal for textile managers seeking easy-to-use tools for better process control