Product Showcase

  1. ColorQuest® OL
    The ColorQuest OL is a spectrophotometer designed for the on-line measurement of transmitted color.
  2. EasyMatch® OL
    Real-time software for continuous on-line color measurement
  3. EasyMatch® QC Software
    Software - EasyMatch®QC software provides unprecedented flexibility to collect, display and analyze color data from your HunterLab spectrophotometer
  4. Metalarm Metal Detectors

    The Eriez Metalarm Metal Detectors are in operation around the world protecting a wide range of machinery from damage by metal.

  5. Munsell® Color Lab Fast, easy outsourced color assurance services!
    From physical color standards to full-scale, outsourced color assurance services, Munsell delivers point-to-point solutions for color assurance.
    We're your remote color lab.
  6. Single Blade Slitter - The LOG HOG
    The LOG HOG Single Blade Slitter is designed to be a rugged machine built to handle the day-to-day production for smaller rolls
  7. Thermal Spray Coating Applications & Manufacturing Industries
    Thermal spray coating applications & manufacturing industries include Aerospace, Semiconductor, Power Generation, Textile
  8. Foam Rubber Sliter Rewinders
    Pinnacle Converting has built several machines that deal with the unique characteristics of both foam and rubber
  9. Mechanical and Chemical Finishes
    Mechanical and Chemical Finishes
  10. Materials Sprayed & Substrates Coated
    Materials sprayed & substrates coated include: Pure Metals, Ceramics, Dry Films, Metal Alloys, USDA Approved Coatings. FDA Approved Coatings, Teflon Coatings.