Current Headlines

  1. Tukatech Launches European-ECO Certified Automatic Fabric Cutting Systems

    Fashion industry technology leader, Tukatech, has launched clean air filtration and lowest energy consumption TUKAcut cutting systems, certified by the TÜV SÜD Italia Machine Energy Protocol MEP

  2. CGS Exhibiting At Textile Technology Show

    CGS, a global provider of business applications, enterprise learning and outsourcing services, will be demonstrating its BlueCherry® Shop Floor Control and smart factory solutions at the September 12-15 Textile Technology Show in Bucharest

  3. SILVADUR™ Antimicrobials From Dow Microbial Control Earns Certification From Global Textile Industry Safety Standard Organization, Bluesign®

    Dow Microbial Control, a global business unit of DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, announced today that its patented antimicrobial technology for textiles and apparel – SILVADUR™ Antimicrobials – has been certified by the Bluesign® system, an important signifier to brands and manufacturers of the technology’s safety

  4. Focus On The Central American Textile Industry

    With over 30 years of history, Exintex has been consolidated as one of the most important textile trade fairs in Mexico and one of the leading fairs in Latin America. This year, Stäubli Textile is pleased to exhibit its machinery systems and automation solutions for process optimization in the weaving and knitting industries

  5. Highsun And KARL MAYER - A Successful Team In The Direct Warping Sector

    Highsun has made a name for itself as one of the world’s largest company groups specialising in the polymerisation and spinning of polyamide and in the production of spandex. The Chinese group focuses on high-quality products and on new innovations

  6. Vidalia Denim To Supply Denim Fabrics From Louisiana Mill

    A new US textile maker Vidalia Denim has secured its initial funding to produce yarns and fabrics for the North American market. Located in Vidalia, Louisiana, the heart of the cotton-producing region of the Mississippi Delta, the factory will employ more than 300 full-time workers and over half of the mill's energy needs will be met from renewable sources

  7. Second Kornit Vulcan Order To Speed Up Digital Print Growth Path At T-Shirt & Sons

    Kornit Digital, (NASDAQ:KRNT), a global market leader in digital textile printing innovation, announces that T-Shirt & Sons (Westbury, UK), has placed an order for a second high-productivity, low cost-per-print Kornit Vulcan system in a few weeks’ time

  8. DuPont™ Sorona® Brand Becomes bluesign® System Partner

    DuPont Industrial Biosciences announced today its partnership with bluesign® for the bio-based, high-performance polymer Sorona®. The bluesign® system unites the textile supply chain to jointly reduce its impact on people and the environment, ensure responsible use of resources, and guarantee the highest level of consumer safety

  9. Reduce Fuel Consumption: Smart Myanmar To Garment Sector

    Smart Myanmar, a venture financed by the European Union (EU), has prompted piece of clothing processing plants in Myanmar to diminish utilization of fuel, paying little respect to the source

  10. ‘Greener’ Ways To Color Clothes

    When buying a new outfit, most people don’t consider the process that went into tinting that vivid red shirt or colorfully patterned dress. But dyeing clothes requires massive amounts of water, energy and chemicals