Supplier News

  1. 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Jumping On Board The RFID Bandwagon
    While RFID has proven to be a valuable tool in many industries and has several advantages over the bar code, implementing an RFID solution may not be appropriate for your business from the payback perspective. Whether your investigation of RFID solutions is voluntary or involuntary, as in the cases of Wal-Mart and Department of Defense (DoD) mandates, there are ten key questions that you can ask yourself to help determine your RFID application's payback. Submitted by American Barcode and RFID
  2. How To Measure Fabric — Textile Finishing Range
    The SpectraProbe XE online color measurement system can be used to measure the color of fabric as it exits in a textile finishing range (typically after the drying cans or tenter oven). The product can be compared to an unlimited number of numerical or physical standards. Submitted by HunterLab
  3. Feeder Accuracy And Design: Critical Parameters In Continuous Pharmaceutical Operations
    The manufacturing sector of the pharmaceutical industry is currently undergoing a radical change. The need to improve process and product quality while controlling overall process costs is growing. Continuous processing offers a chance to achieve these goals. The implementation of PAT (process analytical technology) tools further aids in the support of the continuous operation, as the tools give real-time indication and assurance of product quality throughout the process
  4. X-Rite Solving Today’s Color Consistency Issues With Innovative Products - VertMarkets Interview With John R. Kowalski, X-Rite, Inc.
    With over 16 years of business-to-business marketing communications experience, John overseas strategic communications activities for the Industrial Color and Appearance group
  5. The Case For Integrated Processes
    Based on research and documented case studies, it is clear that companies are realizing significant value by developing integrated processes across the enterprise. This white paper discusses what integrated processes are, how they create value, specific cases of companies succeeding with integrated processes, as well as a checklist to determine how integrated your own company’s processes are. Submitted by SAP Americas
  6. The New UltraScan® VIS Spectrophotometer Makes Color Measurement Of Textiles Easy
    HuntterLab’s new UltraScan VIS is a high-performance color measurement spectrophotometer that measures the full range of human color perception in seconds. It easily measures both reflected and transmitted color, and meets CIE and ASTM guidelines for accurate color measurement
  7. K-TRON Acquires Premier Pneumatics, Inc.
    K-Tron International, Inc. announced the acquisition of all of the stock of privately-held Premier Pneumatics, Inc. (“Premier”), a manufacturer of pneumatic conveying and bulk handling equipment for the North American market
  8. Industry’s First Easy To Install, Low Investment Sample Conditioning Cabinet Offers Significant Savings Throughout The Textile Supply Chain
    This editorial backgrounder asks questions and provides answers about the "Industry’s First Easy To Install, Low Investment Sample Conditioning Cabinet Offers Significant Savings Throughout The Textile Supply Chain"
  9. K-Tron Process Group In Collaboration With Malvern Process Systems, Howorth Pharma, Fitzpatrick, And Leistritz To Present Joint Pharmaceutical Seminar In Cork, Ireland And Manchester, England
    The K-Tron Process Group, in collaboration with key suppliers of equipment and instrumentation to the pharmaceutical industry including Malvern Process Systems, Howorth Pharma, Fitzpatrick, and Leistritz, have announced the presentation of a joint pharmaceutical seminar, “Innovations in Pharmaceutical Processing”, to be held on November 29th in Cork, Ireland and November 30th in Manchester, England
  10. Pursuing Manufacturing Excellence through Real-time Performance Management and Continuous Improvement
    Manufacturers are feeling new pressure on their operations coming from many directions. In many companies, it falls to IT to envision new business possibilities in concert with the technologies needed to realize them. At the same time, the usual job of reducing the cost of doing business through increased efficiency and productivity cannot be ignored. This paper outlines how modern solutions can support both strategies at the same time. Submitted by SAP Americas.