Supplier News

  1. Konica Minolta Offers Color Formulation Software For The Textile Industry
    Designed for today's global textile industry, Minolta SpectraTex software combines superior color formulation and matching with capabilities for interface to a wide variety of textile mill business information systems . . . ranging from stock management programs, laboratory dosing and production dispensing operations to account management and invoicing functions
  2. Detecting Metal In Textiles And Nonwovens
    Eriez offers an extensive range of equipment to textile and nonwoven producers to both detect and remove metal contamination of all types from the production process, thereby reducing the risk of machinery and product damage.
  3. GretagMacbeth Introduces Color iMatch Textile Software
    Workflow solutions for effective color formulation locally and throughout the supply chain.
  4. eWarna and GretagMacbeth Sign Worldwide Reseller Agreement
    eWarna, the global leader in online color collaboration solutions has announced an agreement with GretagMacbeth to resell GretagMacbeth NetProfiler to the global textile and apparel industry.
  5. Eriez Introduces NEW High Sensitivity E-Z Tec 9000 Metal Detector
    Eriez Magnetics Europe has just launched its E-Z Tec 9000 Metal Detector – a high sensitivity balanced coil metal detector for use in a variety of industries including plastics, recycling, wood and textiles
  6. Benjamin Moore Selects Enterprise Color Management Technology from GretagMacbeth
    New And Conventional Technologies Combine to Support Six Sigma Initiative...
  7. International Systems Announces Launch of RealTime Production ScoreBoard ™ Application
    International Systems, Inc (ISI), the leading provider of Production Management and Apparel Plant Floor systems
  8. International Systems Announces Release of REAL TIME, the SCOREBOARD and Ticketless Applications
    This latest addition to the broad range of ISI production management applications has been developed to meet the increasing demands of Quick Turn Production
  9. Rutland Celebrates 40th Anniversary
    On April 13, 2002 Rutland Plastic Technologies, of Pineville, North Carolina, USA, celebrated
  10. Spirex and Bimetalix merge
    Spirex, a worldwide leader in manufacturing high quality plasticating components - including screws, valves and other front-end components - for injection molding, extrusion and blow molding, has merged with Bimetalix, a fully-integrated producer of bimetallic single and twin barrels serving the plastic and food processing industries...