Product Showcase

  1. IPS Plate Separator
    The IPS Plate Separator is a three phase separator
  2. CPI (PPA Module) Gravity Separator
    The Nijhuis PPA module is a plate pack assembly
  3. Core Cutters
    Cuts fiber board cores down to ¼” wide
  4. Pipeline relining
    FRIALEN® relining couplings and molded saddle fittings can be used world-wide with impressive results in the renovation of supply pipes using the "close-fit" processes
  5. CSRE-ECO-Compact Model Slitter Duplex Rewinder
    The ECO-COMPACT II Slitter Rewinder, or CSRE II, is designed to handle light-duty slitting jobs for material sthat can be cut with a razor blade
  6. Sheeters / Cut-to-Length Machines
    Sheeters / Cut-to-Length Machines feature Pneumatic traversing blade
  7. AIC Software
    The AIC software will show users developing trends, allow them to make immediate changes to raw material purchasing plans
  8. AIC Software Factory Control Solution
    Centennial represents the Magnal/FA.CT.S Factory Control System to assist companies in all of their operations
  9. AIC Software Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Solution
    The AIC Software Vertically Integrated Manufacturing Solution combines the features and benefits of both the AIC Software Apparel Solution and the AIC Software Textile Solution
  10. AIC Textile Software
    The AIC software provides the operational tools essential to implement a flexible manufacturing process